Festival Organisation
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Mail: boxoffice@the-theatre.org

The Festival Organising Committee

Chairman:   Wilf Hashimi

                               Applications Administrator:    Sue Hawksfield                  Festival Stage Manager:    Sally McCormack

                                                                                            Tel - 01372 279614                                                           Tel - 07711 937951


                                                                                            Treasurer:     Becca Chapman



                Group Co-ordinator:   Sue  Hawksfield                                                     Musicians Facilitator:   Charles Holloway  


                Group Co-ordinator:   Becca Chapman                                                   Council Liaison:   Rosemary Dickson


                Group Co-ordinator:  Nicola Joyce                                                          Fundraising:   Colin Langley


                Group Co-ordinator:  Michelle Howes                                                      Press & Social Media:  Daniel Joyce



                                                                                                               Marketing:  Cameron Stewart



For all enquiries to the above,  please contact:- enquiries@leatherheaddramafestival.co.uk