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                      LEATHERHEAD DRAMA FESTIVAL 2019

                         Rules & Conditions of Entry

                                These Rules & Conditions accompany the Application Form:

                        please retain for future reference

  Any queries, please contact the Applications Administrator Sue Hawksfield: enquiries@leatherheaddramafestival.co.uk

1. The Leatherhead Drama Festival Is an annual event for Single-Act Plays staged by Amateurs at The Leatherhead Theatre and is affiliated to the National Drama Festivals Association (NDFA).

2. All entrants will be subject to the provisions of the Theatre Act 1968 and will be deemed to have full knowledge of the provisions of this Act and the resulting liabilities concerning the performance of plays which might be considered obscene, seditious or libellous or likely to incite racial hatred or breach of the peace.

3. Each participating company must be a recognised Amateur Drama Society, Drama Group or School Group that is in regular existence outside and apart from the festival.

4. It is permissible for a group to engage the services of a professional director but any participating actor/actress must be amateur and one who has not performed professionally on stage, screen, TV or radio within the past 12 months.

5. All applications must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee, without which the application will be invalid. In the event of a group not being selected for entry the entry fee will be refunded.

6. The plays offered by the participating groups must be either:

a. A one-act play - previously published or written/devised by the group,

b. An extract from a longer play,

c. An abridged version of a full-length play. (See below regarding permission for adaptations)

7. If a script is published through a Licensing Agent or has copyright or other protection, it is the entrant's responsibility to see that a Performance Licence or written permission for the performance is obtained well in advance. Any amendments to a published script must be clearly marked and written permission for the amendments must be obtained from the licensing body.

8. Evidence of all such licences or permissions must be presented to the Festival Organising Committee prior to the performance. Failure to do so will eliminate the group from the festival. NO LICENCE, NO PERFORMANCE.

9. Groups must state on their application form if the content of their play is of an adult theme and/or contains explicit language.

10. If submitting a published play, the original script, with any amendments clearly marked, needs to be sent to the LDF Organising Committee at least two months before the start of the festival.  Email versions of plays will not be accepted. Groups submitting new, original plays must send a hard copy of their scripts to the LDF Organising Committee at least two months before the start of the festival.

11. The length of the play must be no shorter than 20 minutes running time and no longer than 55 minutes.

12. The production must include a minimum of two on stage speaking parts and be a maximum cast of 25.

13. The cast of any Junior entry must be aged 11 years or over (first year of secondary education) and under 19 years old by the start of the festival.

14. To comply with Surrey County Council Children in Employment Act it is mandatory that all groups provide details of any child performer at the festival who is under 16 years old at the start of the festival. The child’s name, date of birth, home postcode and school attended is required to be submitted to our Child Protection Officer six weeks before the start of the festival.

15. Registered Chaperones or fully qualified teachers must be in attendance during any youth performance that includes children under 16 years of age.

16. All groups may bring such additional scenery, props and costumes as is considered essential for their production. The Theatre's flying facilities and cyc cloth will not be available to any group.

18. Radio microphones will not be permitted.

19. Each group must provide 1 x lighting operator and 1 x sound operator.

20. All entries will be subject to adjudication and marked accordingly.

21. The Junior and Adult winning entries must be available to re-perform their production on Awards Night – the last night of the festival.

22. In all matters, the decision of the Festival Organising Committee will be final.


The LDF's Data Protection Policy is designed to protect applicants’ personal data which is collected and used by the LDF solely for the purposes of the Drama Festival. The data is required for communication within the LDF for the purposes of the LDF's activities and not passed on to any 3rd party.

These Rules & Conditions of Entry will be amended for LDF20